THE CREATIVE HUB offers unique and creative opportunities for all in the City of Worcester. Here, in the heart of the city we will bridge the gap between elementary education of creativity to adult education–in making, promoting your art, learning to market your work and beyond. There is a need for extended learning in the area of art education and we have identified this need.

THE CREATIVE HUB will be offering affordable and accessible visual arts classes and work shops. We will offer a wide variety of art genres, taught by the area’s best– including painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpting and more as our imagination evolves!Convenient after school classes and programs for children will be offered, as well as community and family sessions to make the experience inclusive. We understand the need for creativity in everyone’s life!

THE CREATIVE HUB will be a community space that promotes learning and cultural engagement, guiding with a real interest to build a network and learn from the incredible art community we live in.

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